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Established in 2019, Suzhou Superstring is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and production of "magnetic, electrical and thermal" functional powders. Relying on its independent research and development team, Suzhou Superstring is committed to two-dimensional soft magnetic alloy powders and spherical suction waveguides. The formulation, technology, production equipment, and inspection and control system of thermal powder and high-conductivity powder materials have been developed and created, and more than 10 related patents have been obtained, which can achieve an annual output of more than 1,000 tons of functional powder products. The products are mainly used in microwave absorbing materials, millimeter wave absorbing materials, heat absorbing materials and electromagnetic shielding products.

We develop new material products based on customer needs, and the customer's competitive advantage is our top priority. We combine material expertise with technical know-how. We pay attention to your technological process and the challenges and market trends you face, and develop high-quality solutions and testing support based on this, provide you with professional products and services, and strengthen your long-term competitiveness.
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Two-dimensional soft magnetic powder is made of granular or spherical soft magnetic powder (mainly Fe, Ni, Co alloys) through special flake treatment. After the flake treatment, the powder breaks the Snoek limit and has the characteristics of high saturation, magnetic induction, high permeability and low loss. WAVE-VECTOR™-SFP is a unique two-dimensional soft magnetic powder that achieves optimal settings for the real and imaginary parts of complex permeability. Reasonably designed powders will have domain wall resonance and natural resonance at GHz, which is conducive to the absorption of electromagnetic waves. Absorbing materials made with such powders as absorbents can be used in the high-frequency field.
Raw material powder with dual functions of absorbing and conducting heat. Independent research and development of soft magnetic materials (the main components are Fe, Ni, Co alloys) wave absorbing agent and good chemical resistance thermal conductivity agent (the main components are Al2O3, BN, AlN and other materials), chemical composition verified by experimental design , The combination of particle size distribution and powder morphology realizes the optimal "magnetic", "electric" and "thermal" management functional characteristics, and also has the same filling and dispersibility as thermally conductive powder. Customized solutions for low-cost and high-volume production of wave-absorbing and thermal conductive materials for customers.
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