Medical electronics
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        With the advent of the 5G era, many fields and industries have also ushered in a climax because of 5G, and the technology and electronic equipment in the medical industry are also developing rapidly. Many of the original technologies caused delays due to network data transmission speed can not meet the requirements, affecting its operation, 5G in the data transmission speed of high speed, directly accelerate the development of medical equipment. At the same time, with the increasing demand for medical health, wearable medical and health devices are also increasing. These electronic devices have high requirements for heat dissipation and EMI, and need to use thermal interface materials, electromagnetic absorbing materials, conductive shielding materials and so on.

        Take the Leonardo da Vinci surgical robot in the medical industry as an example, it is also known as the "da Vinci surgical system", and its design concept is to achieve many complex surgical operations that cannot be completed by humans and the human eye through minimally invasive technology; The da Vinci surgical system is operated by the doctor on the console, by the robotic arm system and the imaging system to deal with the disease, it pays attention to the data transmission speed, there will be no delay, the need for a long time stable and reliable operation, there are a large number of data operations, the chip and other hardware requirements. In the process of data operation and data transmission, the equipment will generate a lot of heat consumption. If the heat is not dissipated, the temperature of the equipment will be extended, which will affect the performance of the product. Similarly, this device also needs electromagnetic shielding protection to avoid EMI interference.

In order to effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation, the thermal conductive material of medical equipment is a general term for many thermal conductive medium materials, including thermal conductive silicone sheet, thermal conductive silicone sheet, thermal insulation sheet, thermal gel, thermal conductive paste, silicon-free thermal conductive sheet, carbon fiber thermal conductive gasket, thermal conductive phase change sheet, etc. Each thermal conductive material has its own advantages and advantages.

        Electromagnetic management materials such as conductive glue, conductive rubber, and wave-absorbing materials have also played an escort role in the normal operation of medical equipment.
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