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  • Sector™气凝胶隔热材料
Silicone foam
NSR series organic silicon foam is a specially developed and formed liquid organic silicon environment-friendly foam material.
Absorbing film
High-performance film absorbing material is a two-dimensional soft magnetic powder mixed with resin and processed into a flexible sheet. When attached to the source of radiation noise or the part that is susceptible to radiation noise, it can be extremely effective in suppressing noise
Two-dimensional absorbing powder
SF series absorbing powder is a special treatment, the magnetic permeability of the real part of the μ' and imaginary part of the μ" to achieve the optimal setting of the two-dimensional soft magnetic powder, the powder breaks through the Snoek limit, with high saturated magnetic induction strength, high permeability and low loss and other characteristics. The reasonably designed powder will have domain wall resonance and natural resonance at GHz, which is conducive to the absorption of electromagnetic waves.
Composite absorbing film
A multi-functional hybrid material composed of high-performance absorbing film materials, combined with conductive shielding, insulating materials and other materials, the product can meet the absorbing effect of magnetic materials, and can increase shielding through the conductive layer to achieve better noise suppression
Wave-absorbing thermally conductive material
Achieve low interfacial thermal resistance performance and electromagnetic absorption performance, which can fill the gap and complete the heat transfer and electromagnetic noise absorption between the heating and heat dissipation parts; At the same time, it also plays the role of insulation, shock absorption, sealing and so on, to meet the design requirements of equipment miniaturization and ultra-thinning
High-frequency absorbing materials
It is designed for reflection attenuation of surface waves with high incidence angles, and is suitable for 100MHz~110GHz frequency bands. Its bonding substrate is high-temperature resistant silicone elastomer, which can meet the absorbing performance of high-frequency electronic equipment
Wave-absorbing heat conduction powder
TG series Raw material powder with dual functional properties of absorbing and heat conductivity. Independently developed soft magnetic absorbers and thermally resistant thermal conductives are treated by physicochemical methods to achieve optimal "magnetic", "electrical" and "thermal" management characteristics. The wave-absorbing thermal powder can absorb the leaked electromagnetic radiation, and at the same time convert a large amount of absorbed electromagnetic wave radiation energy into thermal energy, and quickly conduct the thermal energy to the radiator.
Absorbent rubber material
It is designed for reflection attenuation of surface waves with high incidence angles, which is applied to the 100MHz~110GHz frequency band, which can meet the high-frequency absorption performance and provide better weather resistance and plastic deformation requirements
Absorbent foam material
The corner cone series absorbing material is designed for reflection attenuation of high-frequency and high-incidence angle surface waves. It has good performance of vertical incidence and oblique incidence, which can eliminate clutter interference in the test environment and improve the test accuracy
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