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  Today's consumers demand that electronics are smaller, lighter, cheaper, more powerful, and run longer. The circuit board is also packed with a large number of electronic components, making it increasingly dense, so it is increasingly important to suppress noise radiating from the IC or cable. This type of radiated noise is difficult to predict during the design phase, so in many cases countermeasures are taken during the manufacturing phase. To address these conflicting needs, researchers need to develop new materials that miniaturize existing equipment and improve equipment efficiency. Efforts to reduce power consumption and improve device density and performance have led to research into graphene and other two-dimensional (2-D) solid and soft magnetic materials and nanoscale devices with high carrier mobility.
  WAVE-VECTOR researches and develops a variety of anti-electromagnetic interference products, mixing fine powders of soft magnetic metal materials (flat powders) with resins and processing them into electromagnetic shielding materials for flexible sheets™. Attaching it to the source of radiated noise, or to areas susceptible to radiated noise, can exert an extremely effective noise suppression effect. It is easy to stamping, shearing, can be processed into various shapes, but also can be used for flexible curved surfaces and flexible cables (FPC/FFC) and other occasions.
  WAVE-VECTOR™ products suppress emitted noise emitted by electronic devices over a wide frequency range. Because it is a soft and processable sheet, it can be easily installed on portable devices such as notebook computers and digital cameras and mobile phones. Compared with ferrite sintered bodies, it is lightweight and has excellent impact resistance. At the same time, by adding a metal layer, a thinner product line that can suppress noise over a wide frequency band has been expanded.

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