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---- Opening Ceremony of WAVE-VECTOR™ 
On Oct. 18, 2019, Suzhou Wave Vector Advanced Material Technology Co.,Ltd. turned a new page of company strategic development in the dancing of lively lions. The opening ceremony of the new plant was held in Sino-German international Park in Taicang.

Attendees including officers from Chengxiang town government, Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Municipal Association of Science and Technology, municipal CPPCC, cooperative companies, representative of customers, investment partners of the company and others from affiliated companies are present the opening ceremony. There are more than 100 people.

Mr. Xihong GU, chairman of Taicang Science and Technology Association, Mr. Junchun ZHAO, deputy mayor of Chengxiang Town and Mr. Ziyuan ZHU, deputy director of Taicang CPPCC together with top management leaders of WAVE-VECTOR™, Mr. Zhongqing LIU, General Manager,and other leaders jointly unveiled the new plant of WAVE-VECTOR™.

Mr. Junchun ZHAO, deputy mayor of Chengxiang Town of Taicang, made a speech on behalf of the Party committee and government of Chengxiang town at the ceremony, and expressed his warm congratulations on the inauguration of the new plant.
At the opening ceremony, Mr. Liu Zhongqing, general manager of WAVE-VECTOR™, expressed his sincere thanks to all the leaders and guests for their attending and introduced the company development states.

The new plant of Suzhou Wave Vector Advanced Material Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the beautiful and advanced Sino-German international Innovation Park in Taicang city, Suzhou. The first phase of the new plant covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters. The first production line was launched in June 2019. There are two production lines. One for soft magnetic powder with an annual capacity of 120 tons; One for absorbent film with an annual output of 360,000 square meters.

The products of WAVE-VECTOR™ are applied in various of cutting-edge scientific and technological fields, focusing on providing innovative material solutions to the "magnetic", "electrical" and "thermal" technical problems in 5G communications. 

At present, company’s sales network covers South Korea, Chinese Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. Many products have been approbated by TOP enterprises in various fields including 5G communication, light module, vehicle control unit, millimeter wave radar, security equipment, smart phone, laptop, 3D sensing camera, medical CT imager, OLED screen, etc.

WAVE-VECTOR™ will constantly expanding its sales network and actively exploring the latest technological direction in the next days. At the same time, Mr. Liu stressed that the people of WAVE-VECTOR™ will adhere to the "spirit of craftsman", continually to expand the production line of absorbing film and intensify the development of new products, so as to create value for customers and create favorable conditions for customers to implement their strategic leadership plan and achieve sustainable growth. 

We firmly believe that WAVE-VECTOR™ will stay true to original aspiration,keep mission in mind, make the company bigger and stronger, undertake enterprise social responsibility, and make contributions to economic development and scientific and technological progress.

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